Added value

x.project AG is the first DD manager with a digital platform. This means that as a provider for TDD, monitoring, space analyses, and documentation, we can manage all processes digitally from a single source.

x.project AG uses the advantages of digital transformation here
and makes the results available in a cloud-based, encrypted form.

Increased returns

The use of AI systems on x.project’s digital platform allows considerable increases in efficiency through multiple usage of data (inter alia, for controlling, day-to-day reporting, contract processing, AM, etc.).

Time and cost savings

With linked documents, the platform facilitates a detailed overview of schedules, which saves time.

Process optimisation

As an IT developer (among others, Autodesk), x.project AG is capable of developing customised, practice-oriented solutions by combining AI and research results.

Quality benefits and resource savings in TDD

Various internal and external due diligence experts always access uniform information through the digital platform of x.project AG.

Better reporting and thus greater transparency

Through structured information on the digital platform, we make better reporting possible, including for risk management and budget monitoring and planning.

Access to international country expertise

x.project AG is a country specialist for D, Scandinavia, PL, E, GR, I and F (references).

Short pathways and high service quality

Working as senior managers at x.project AG are highly motivated, innovative engineers and architects.

Sustainable solutions as a result of (industry) standardisation

Standardised property data on our digital platform can be used, inter alia, in gif-IDA format over the property’s entire life cycle – and thus permanently.