Our team

Our team consists of many highly specialised experts, both salaried and freelance employees.

Holger Weber

Founder and CEO

Studied music, mathematics, physics, and information technology
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish.

2000: Association with Torsten H. Wallraff/Forum for management and founding of x.project AG.

Since 1992, registered developer for Autodesk. International experience in developing a CAD application for BP (British Petroleum)

Recognised specialist for complex CAFM systems, including at the Commerzbank service centre and at various computing centres.
Visionary for quality assurance documentation for property portfolios (Aberdeen, AXA, Commerz Real, DBV, and others)

Jens Dehnbostel


Jens Dehnbostel has been CCO at x.project AG since 2019. He studied engineering in Clausthal and Bingen. After finishing his studies, he worked for several years at Imtech as a project manager.

Following Imtech, he spent eight years at CommerzREAL, where he headed up the building technology team in the Technical Asset Management (Foreign) department. He then switched to the former DEGI (today, Aberdeen Immobilien KAG) as a senior executive and took over management of international projects for the open-ended real estate funds.

In October 2010, he helped found the firm currently known as REC Partners, where he served as managing partner and was involved in developing the firm until 2019.

Henry Fritzsche


Henry Fritzsche is an industrial engineer with a master’s degree in engineering.

He specialises in all issues involving property life cycles, building technology, and technical building management.

At x.project AG, he is responsible for digital property services.

He has worked in the real estate sector for more than 15 years and has interdisciplinary experience involving real estate transactions. In connection with technical due diligences (TDD), he has examined and evaluated more than 4 million m2 with a transaction volume of approximately EUR 10 billion in connection with purchases and sales in Germany and abroad.

(Through a teaching position at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences in the area of technology, scientific findings can be linked with current happenings in the field and implemented in daily business.)

Frank Rennekamp


Frank Rennekamp studied physics at the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg. He has been the CTO at x.project AG since 2019 and is responsible there for new technologies, e-commerce, and the digital development and expansion of the platform.

Previously, he worked for many years as Chief Architect and Vice President for Research and Development at the digital data room provider Drooms.

Prior to developing the Drooms platform, he worked as Senior Manager for Application & Services at the e-content provider Tanto Xipolis GmbH, a joint venture of Brockhaus and Holtzbrinck.