x.project AG

x.project AG secures and increases the return on properties through standardization and digital transformation of real estate information.

Innovation pays off

x.project AG is a service provider for documentation and data solutions on the European market. Our customers get quick and easy access to all relevant information of the property. Individual, practice-oriented solutions are developed by combining IT-supported evaluations with a commitment to research and teaching.

Our real estate services in the areas of due diligence, technical asset management, monitoring, building condition inspection, ESG/ ESG audits, area determination and documentation have a central focus on making our clients’ work easier.

A special feature of x.project AG is the combination of real estate knowledge with state-of-the-art IT solutions – in-house, of course. Our team consists of engineers and IT specialists at the same time. Through joint and mutual work, we generate effective solutions for efficient processes for our customers.

Founded in 2000, we now have a team of over 50 permanent and freelance specialists.

We are active throughout Europe and have already managed more than 6,000 properties with over 100 million square meters, the majority of which are in Germany.

x.project is Professional Efficient Partnership Effective Innovative Reliable International Quick Results-oriented

Our approach

The digital transformation of due diligence processes is in its infancy in the real estate industry. The potentials for increasing efficiency in the processes are raised by x.project AG.

The collection and evaluation of technical information is the focus here. The evaluation of analog and digital information around the property is supported by internal and external evaluation processes. Special synergies are created through the integration of specialists from the Legal, Commercial and Property Services divisions.

Active in European countries
Experts (int./ext.)
Million square metres inspected