We make sure that you know your real estate assets

Make real estate ready for the future - with our platform for digital reports on engineering, environment, appraisals and valuation.

DOREE+ stands for Digital Optimization for Real Estate Experts and the “+” for all that our platform does and will do in the future.

With us, you know your property, because our platform provides a functional linkage of all the data of your digital reports, starting with the technical reports, and ending with the valuation.

With DOREE+ you transfer all technical services around your real estate into the future. This saves you time and conserves resources for the things that really matter, such as increasing cash flows and property values.

Reduce project risks

Better understanding of technical correlations

Streamline buying and selling work processes.

Ensure a clear overview in ongoing real estate management with one of the most innovative PropTech solutions for the international market in Europe.

Our IT specialists, architects, civil and TGA engineers have combined knowledge and experience to put technical purchase and sales inspections on a completely new and innovative footing. DOREE+ is the unique platform in the digital age for the future of TDD. And that’s just the beginning!

This makes the strongly team-bound process clearer, more comprehensible and communicated in a targeted manner.

We digitize your properties today for the future.


More transparency. Traceable sources.

TDD+ is the linked and quality assured TDD with associated source information for for better traceability by all parties involved – cloud-based and with a 24/7 access to relevant object data. With this, we are setting new standards in TDD.

Our services consider the entire life cycle of a property and this with our specially created platform. TDD+ sets a new standard.

Using our data room(VDR+), we can present TDD reports in a linked form and, most importantly, in a uniquely clear manner. This greatly simplifies the familiarization and comprehension of issues in different subject areas. This is a decisive step towards quality assurance.

No cumbersome PDFs and eternal EMail traffic. Our reports are cloud-based and available anywhere at any time. All project participants can directly exchange information on each document and/or photo with each other using the Q&A function. In addition, tagging and categorizing findings and comments shortens turnaround time throughout the project. TDD+ provides the overview and clarity everyone wants.

Here is an excerpt of the advantages:

  • Linked TDD (quality assured)
  • References for better traceability
  • Integration and linking of photo documentation, 360 degree photos, videos
  • Cost recording with representation of the maintenance backlog and capex
  • Rapid familiarization and clarification of issues
  • Easy communication with a team-controlled access as well as Q&A function
  • Data acquisition for further processing, interfaces, also in GIF format
  • Time and cost savings across the board


Real Data Room. Real documents.

Our data room VDR+ (Virtual Data Room) is the first real data room with all the functions needed for a completely digital solution in terms of documentation.

Reliable data is also used as a source file for quality assurance in connection with our TDD+, MON+ or TAM+ products.

It is particularly important for us that our VDR+ is not an ordinary data room (=document room). It is not the documents but the supplied data that is of interest. These are summarized in a factsheet, quality assured of course. The inherent quality assurance analogous to the GIF standard allows easy export to data-based systems.

“We can’t just do digital document space – we have real data space.”

As a German data provider with an ISO-certified data center, we offer the highest level of security. Immediate use without tedious installation of the VDR+ is a matter of course.

Comprehensive and at the same time simple user management leads to a clear user structure. Notes can be made for each entry. This means that every user has all comments at their fingertips in real time, including via status e-mails. An advanced search function helps users quickly find the right information and documents. The integration of a “Questions & Answers (Q&A)” tool supports the natural workflow of the user.

The special feature of our VDR+ is that the documents can be linked to existing as well as future modules.

Here is an overview of the most important functions:

  • Fact sheet with quality-assured core data
  • Notes and comments possible at any point
  • AI-based full-text search
  • Questions & Answers (Q&A)
  • Linking of digital documents with other modules, such as TDD+.
  • Branding possible
  • German data room provider with ISO-certified data center
  • Detailed logging (“Access Transparency”)
  • Personalized watermarks
  • Cancellable monthly


Your inventory asset needs our TAM+!

Our DOREE+ platform provides an excellent basis for technical asset management support with TAM+.

After familiarization with contracts, building conditions and Capex, overviews of SV/SK inspections and maintenance are created, tracked and measures are controlled.

Technical Asset Management is the basis for technical property strategies and the optimization of energy consumption as well as the evaluation of ESG criteria.

A structured improvement of building conditions, a completion of the object documentation are indispensable for the performance and basis for the risk reduction of a stranded asset.
TAM+ offers the possibility to keep an eye on costs and processes at any time and from any location.

All relevant information is held in our VDR+ (Virtual Data Room+) via an ISO-certified data center room:

  • Agreements from rental contracts – in particular with regard to the allocation of obligations
  • Documentation of building condition by incorporating other documents and sources of information (e.g., TDD reports, audits, and inspection reports)
  • Planned and future capital expenditure (capex)
  • History of the measures carried out

When technical measures are processed, the processes are mapped in full and reproduced with the help of photo sequences or video sequences. Tagging and sorting of image material is standard here.

The generation of monthly or annual reports via TAM+ are part of the optimized and quality-assured workflows. For quick traceability, information is linked to relevant documents and images.

TAM+ supports ongoing budget controlling. The focus here is on cost, schedule and quality control.


Yield? Secured! MON+.

MON+ supports project development on our platform. All monitoring reports are fully linked. The photo series of the walk-through will be available the next day.

Monitoring / construction quality monitoring supports our customers in project development. It is checked in phases and randomly the building production. The goal is to verify the contractual qualities.

MON+ allows us to present the following points in a timely and transparent manner:

  • Complete photo documentation
  • Regular reporting, fully linked
  • Quality control according to norms and standards, immediately testable
  • Determination of exemplary execution deficiencies and recommendations for action
  • Ad hoc information and notifications of concerns about significant deficiencies
  • Complete communication about the findings online, so that quality-assured traceability is possible at any time
  • Ticket system for processing / traceability of defects with standardized workflow
  • Q&A function

Our aim is to ensure that there is a transparent flow of information between the project participants that promotes the common goal and thus helps to minimize escalations and costs.