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Due Diligence

No surprises when buying/selling real estate

Our work begins right at the start of your real estate (sales) transaction.

Through our data room system (VDR+), we can create TDD reports in linked form. The familiarization and comprehension of the topics is greatly simplified by the clear presentation. Of course, we also offer all technical consulting services:

  • Indication report, Pré-TDD
  • Technical due diligence
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • ESG Due Diligence

Our specially programmed DOREE+ platform provides you with all reports in one central location. Thanks to the cloud function, you can access your data anytime and anywhere and exchange information directly with all project participants through the Q&A option.

Put an end to incomprehensible PDFs and eternal e-mail correspondence.

Our technical due diligence services at a glance:

  • Linked TDD (quality assured)
  • References for better traceability
  • Capex with representation of the maintenance backlog
  • Object representation through panoramic images and videos
  • Fast familiarization and clarification of issues
  • Easy communication through team access as well as Q&A function

Holistic time and cost savings

Technical asset management

Challenges with your asset? We have the solution!

We support the existing Technical Asset Management in case of overload or in problematic cases on a permanent or interim basis.

Our TAM Support

We provide support in technical asset management and manage (also temporarily) your portfolio. We adapt existing systems or make our own proposals for secure operation. Our team consists of experienced engineers with many years of experience in open real estate funds as well as the necessary investor perspective.

TAM Basic Services

The focus is on providing advice on strategic issues and ensuring that the building operates smoothly.

For this we offer a basic package with the following services:

  • Keeping track of document updates.
  • Creating a tracking system.
  • Review technical condition reports.
  • Elaborate technical optimization strategies.
  • Renegotiation of existing service contracts.
  • Optimization of ancillary costs.
  • Coordinate processes for the digital transformation of data as well as the procurement of missing documents.

TAM additional services

Of course, we offer further options to relieve your technical asset management, for example to avoid short-term bottlenecks and to create further synergies.

  • Coordinate and control technical processes, such as tenant changes, renovations, technical repairs.
  • Establish a user-specific, automated virtual data room to secure building information.
  • Perform TDD and project monitoring.
  • Warranty Tracking.
  • Data room creation for the sale of real estate.


Your project - realized with our support

We offer international technical monitoring of your construction projects and ongoing projects.

Our service is individual and is based on local specifics and in accordance with purchase contract agreements.

This way, you can be sure that your construction project will proceed as desired and that the end result will meet the highest quality standards.

(Site) Condition Check

Project stop? Not with us.

A project often presents unforeseen challenges. We support you in making sure that it does not come to a halt.

We offer a condition assessment of building and equipment systems , where we define the necessary budgets for the next 2, 5 and 10 years of your existing property.

In addition, we prepare investment congestion reports and conduct facility management audits as needed.

In this way, you have clear cost transparency at all times and receive from us an overview of all necessary improvement measures to increase efficiency and save costs.

ESG/Energy audits

Ready for the future today!

ESG has become one of the most important topics in the real estate industry due to the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the European Green Deal.

In order to better derive measures for optimizing the carbon footprint, we have based our ESG report on GRESB. So you can:

  • Create a marketing advantage through sustainability.
  • Future-proofing your buildings.
  • Secure financing (including grant programs).
  • Minimize risks.

ESG assessment criteria

  • Overall energy efficiency and optimization potentials
  • Feasibility of waste management/monitoring
  • Indoor quality and improvement potentials (for health as well as well-being)
  • Resilience (flood, drought, heat, etc.)
  • “Walk Score Index”
  • Biodiversity and optimization potentials
  • Verification of the Green Building Certificate
  • Application testing of “Green Lease
  • Optimization potential through tenant involvement

ESG consulting scope

We offer the following scope of consulting services as part of our ESG due diligence:

  • Risk assessment, maintenance and efficiency.
  • Consideration of cost and process risks (e.g. restructuring).
  • Optimization of management costs.
  • Derivation of measures to improve the CO2 footprint.

(Rentable) Area Certificates

The right measure.

Knowing the exact area of the object/property is as important as related documentation.

Area determination national

Area certificates and optimization of rentable area according to DIN, GIF and IPMS.

Area determination international

Certificates according to international standards such as IPMS, Boma, NEN, AEO, gross standards and others. Plausibility check of rental areas also in relation to rental agreements.


Create and record facts.

Complete documentation provides clarity. We document our work so that you can make your decisions based on data.

Whether during the buying/selling process, during the construction phase and when holding an object/property – we provide the documentation for every status.

Inspection of files at building authorities

Obtain all relevant documentation from building departments for individual properties and portfolios.

Documentation and data

Inventory, consolidation and completion of documentation and core data for individual properties and portfolios. Setting up data rooms.


As a registered developer for Autodesk, we can process, analyze and evaluate plan data inventories with our drawing office.