x.project AG: DOREE+ data room now offers real estate agent exposés and dashboards

DOREE+ now offers real estate agent exposés and dashboards
A ticket and task system is also available online

The real estate and IT specialist x.project AG has extended its new platform with the cloud-based DOREE+ system for technical real estate services to include the real estate agent exposé and dashboard functions. In addition, a ticket and task system is now available.

“With DOREE+, we offer exclusive solutions for estate agents. Our complete data room makes it possible to create exposés effortlessly, including maps of micro and macro locations. There are also extensive photo albums with 360-degree views and videos. Drawings are also available, even in DWG format without an additional viewer. In addition, our system allows you to keep track of who has viewed what content and when, and benefit from a comprehensive Q&A section for transactions. This makes DOREE+ the first choice.”

Jens Dehnbostel, Chief Client Officer of x.project AG

DOREE+ stands for Digital Optimisation for Real Estate Experts. This platform is characterised by seamless integrations with partially or fully automated workflows in all areas of real estate technology. A comprehensive data room enables property portfolios to be analysed. x.project has developed its own software solutions, taking into account the latest findings in the field of artificial intelligence.

„Our DOREE+ data room now also offers the ticket function. Customer enquiries, error messages and task management are included. It can also be used to assign tasks externally. With functions such as a task list, assignment and prioritisation of tasks for external fitters as well as progress tracking and scheduling, clients can easily maintain a complete overview. Other features include SLA support, customer interaction history, reporting and integration with other tools. DOREE+ is the ideal tool for the effective management of real estate portfolios.“

Holger Weber, founder and board member of x.project AG

DOREE+ includes various modules for transactions, construction and ongoing operations. The centrepiece of the platform is the virtual data room VDR+, which is user-friendly, highly secure and modular. TDD+ simplifies the digital linking of information during due diligence processes when buying and selling real estate. MON+ monitors costs, deadlines and quality in property projects. ESG+ focuses on sustainability and offers extensive verification and compliance confirmation options. In addition, TAM+ is available for the comprehensive management of real estate technology during ongoing operations.

x.project is continuously developing its online platform for the future, in particular by integrating AI components.