x.project AG extends DOREE+ for family offices

Complete data room enables portfolio-wide analyses

The real estate and IT specialist x.project AG has extended its new platform with the cloud-based DOREE+ system for technical real estate services specifically for family offices. This takes account of their special requirements with additional functions and modules.

The name DOREE+ stands for Digital Optimisation for Real Estate Experts. The platform is characterised by seamless integrations with partially or fully automated workflows in all areas of real estate technology. A complete data room enables portfolio-wide analyses. x.project has developed its own software solutions based on the latest findings in the field of artificial intelligence.

„With DOREE+, we offer family offices a comprehensive flat-rate solution, comparable to the cost of a mobile phone contract, but without a long running contract. With a complete data room, quality data, various dashboards and a wide range of functions, it is the ideal platform for the effective management of real estate portfolios.“

Holger Weber, founder and board member of x.project AG

DOREE+ offers a wide variety of modules in the areas of transactions, construction and ongoing operations. The virtual data room VDR+ is intuitive, highly secure, modular and the centrepiece of the platform. The TDD+ module facilitates the digital linking of information during due diligence processes when buying and selling real estate. MON+ serves as a monitoring module for quality-assured monitoring of costs, deadlines and quality in real estate projects. ESG+ focuses on sustainability issues and offers extensive verification and compliance confirmation options. TAM+ is also available, a module for the comprehensive management of real estate technology during operation. Overviews of the building technology and a ticket system are also part of the offering.

„The versatile functions such as photo galleries, drawings in DWG format, which can be used directly without additional software, and an integrated reporting system enable effective management of real estate portfolios. A family office also needs to keep an eye on costs and our special offers until the end of March make DOREE+ an unbeatable choice.“

Jens Dehnbostel, Chief Client Officer of x.project AG

In future, x.project plans to continuously develop its online platform, in particular by integrating AI components.