x.project AG revolutionizes technical services with DOREE+

New digital platform for real estate technology with many modules

The real estate and IT specialist x.project has presented its new platform with the cloud-based system DOREE+ for technical services around real estate. It builds on a system already in use. It has now been extensively developed with additional functions and modules.

The name DOREE+ stands for Digital Optimization for Real Estate Experts. At the core of the platform are functional links with partially and fully automated work processes covering all aspects of real estate technology. For this purpose, x.project has developed its own programs and has also oriented itself to the latest research in the field of artificial intelligence.

“Requirements for reporting obligations on real estate are growing, so quality data is a must. With DOREE+, you get valid data for the first time that is traceable and quality-assured as with a blockchain, so you gain legal certainty and control over all the facts and figures of the property. It is especially true for the important topic of ESG: whoever has the data wins. Thus, we revolutionize real estate services with our cooperation platform and are among the pioneers in this proptech topic.”

Holger Weber, member of the board of x.project AG

Modules from the areas of transactions, construction and ongoing operations are installed on DOREE+. This includes the recently introduced VDR+ virtual data room. It is used interactively for several functions of the platform. Added to this is the TDD+ module for digitally linking information within the due diligence processes when buying and selling real estate.

MON+ is also part of the platform as a monitoring module for the quality-assured presentation of cost, schedule and quality monitoring in real estate projects.

ESG+ as a module for all sustainability topics with extensive options for audits and conformity confirmations is also available, as is TAM+, a module for complete real estate engineering in ongoing operation. Overviews of building services and a ticket system follow.

“DOREE+ is an interactive platform with 24/7 mobile access. This makes technical interrelationships transparent, the work processes for TDDs are enormously streamlined and the overview in ongoing real estate operations is comprehensive. The intelligent and functional linking of all data saves time and streamlines work processes.
We have been using the platform for two years now and the response has been very good. Our clients include CapMan, Catella and Wertgrund.”

Jens Dehnbostel, Chief Client Officer of x.project AG

For the future, x.project plans to further expand its online platform, especially adding AI components.