x.project launches Virtual Data Room VDR+

First real data room with functional linking via digital platform

The real estate and IT specialist x.project has introduced VDR+, the first virtual data room with extended functionality for technical services such as technical purchase and sales inspections (TDD) or monitoring around real estate. The cloud-based system builds on a platform that has already been successful for two years and has now been significantly enhanced.

The name VDR+ stands for Virtual Data Room. In contrast to existing solutions, VDR+ provides web-based representations and digital links of all technical information relating to the properties in question. This provides numerous opportunities for connections to other data sources, such as the commercial systems of real estate portfolio owners in asset and property or facility management.

With VDR+ as the core module, functional links can be implemented with partially and fully automated work processes covering all aspects of real estate technology. For this purpose, x.project has developed its own programs and oriented itself to the latest research in the field of artificial intelligence.

“With VDR+, we are revolutionizing technical real estate services and are among the pioneers in this proptech topic. Portfolio owners and investors save time with our innovative data room and conserve resources for the things that really matter, such as increasing cash flows and property values,” explains Holger Weber, CEO of x.project AG.

Through VDR+, additional modules from the areas of transactions, construction and ongoing operations can be used via the digital platform. These include the TDD+ module for the digital linking of information within the due diligence processes when buying and selling real estate, MON+ for monitorings for the quality-assured presentation of cost, schedule and quality monitoring in real estate projects, or TAM+ for the complete real estate technology in ongoing operation and development in the area of technical asset management.

“Until now, a true data room has been missing from the market. There are document rooms, but interactive links with partially and fully automated processes did not exist in this form until now. The platform is available 24/7 and can also be used with mobile devices. The most important thing is the intelligent and functional linking of all data.”Jens Dehnbostel, CCO of x.project, explains.

“VDR+ saves time and streamlines work processes. It also increases efficiency through better project management and the provision of all data on a standardised platform,” adds Holger Weber.

Holger Weber,
CEO of x.project AG

Jens Dehnbostel,
CCO of x.project AG