Michael Fischer is the new head of IT and Stefanie Glomp supports project management for data rooms at x.project

Real estate and IT specialist further expands team for new digital platform

The real estate and IT specialist x.project AG has filled the new position of Head of IT/Information Security with Michael Fischer for the first time. In addition, Stefanie Glomp is now supporting the further expansion of the digital platform as project manager. This is the further development of the new digital and cloud-based platform for real estate technology with the core of a partially automated data room.

Michael Fischer has been an IT specialist for over 30 years and has been responsible for the security and compliance departments on several occasions. This included in particular the establishment and expansion of quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and emergency management in accordance with BSI 100-4. His professional experience includes Mizuho Corporate Bank, Drooms and most recently GIZ. As Head of IT/Information Security at x.project, he will be responsible not only for the security structure but also for the expansion of the digital platform.

Stefanie Glomp has been active in the data room industry as a project manager for 15 years and was also previously at Drooms for many years. In particular, project management and the concrete structuring of the new digital data room will be among x.project’s core tasks. In addition, I am responsible for the administration and quality assurance of the data rooms as project and operations manager.

With Michael Fischer and Stefanie Glomp, we have been able to win IT and data room specialists from the premier league for our new digital platform. As senior managers, both have many years of experience with data rooms and will actively support the further expansion of our system for the real estate industry.

Holger Weber, board member and founder of x.project AG

The new cloud-based platform will functionally link partially and fully automated work processes around all aspects of real estate engineering. The web store will be launched before the end of this quarter.

The company has been on the market with its new interactive platform since 2021. Among other things, the system combines all technical aspects of real estate management in the portfolio, in the purchase and sale and in project development through intelligent and functional links.