PV systems – New business segment of x.project AG

Comprehensive consulting and implementation in cooperation with King & Spalding

The real estate and IT specialist x.project AG has entered the photovoltaic systems (PV systems) business segment. The services include both technical and legal advice and, if required, implementation.

x.project has been active in many areas of real estate technology and the associated IT for over 20 years. To this end, real estate services for portfolio holders such as real estate funds or private and institutional investors are standardized, digitalized and optimized. As part of these activities, the energy supply in the buildings is also a particular issue.

“In view of the current challenges in the energy sector and the extremely high cost of electricity, the topic of PV systems on commercial properties to supply their own electricity has become increasingly important, not least due to changes in regulation. Many companies are giving concrete consideration to integrating locally generated renewable energies. The amount of support we provide has increased so much that we have established these services as a separate business area. Here we provide advice, planning and, if required, the implementation of PV systems. The complexity of consulting from conception to realization requires far-reaching considerations. These are implemented by our partner King & Spalding, particularly in the legal and tax environment of the special assets.”

Holger Weber, founder and board member of x.project AG

The cooperation with King & Spalding, which has been in place since 2022, has contributed to the development of the new business area. Both companies confirm the sustainable characteristics in an asset-based certificate based on the EU taxonomy. This declaration of conformity makes a significant contribution to ensuring that Article 8 and Article 9 products are transparent and comprehensible at fund level.

Ongoing cooperation agreements are being concluded to expand services in the area of sustainable consulting. Already agreed in 2023, further innovations in the areas of green release and reporting will follow in 2024.

x.project AG has already established the cloud-based platform DOREE+ for technical real estate services for the exchange of information between market players. The name stands for Digital Optimization for Real Estate Experts. The core of the platform is the VDR+ data room, which for the first time enables permanent data storage of real estate assets in a meaningful way, which is becoming increasingly important in light of ESG. New features include functional links and partially and fully automated work processes covering all aspects of real estate technology.