x.project AG expands TDD services with DOREE+

Since 2019, approximately 1,200 properties with over 5 million square feet inspected

The real estate and IT specialist x.project is further expanding its business field for technical due diligence (TDD). To this end, existing modules on the new DOREE+ platform have been greatly enhanced with digital components. For the first time, a completely virtual inspection of the properties to be inspected is now possible.

With the photo and video module, x.project aims to further strengthen its TDD, Monitoring, TAM and ESG business areas. The volume of TDD testing alone has increased significantly since the business unit opened in 2019. Thus, in the last 5 years, the company has been able to inspect about 1,200 properties with more than 5 million square meters in Europe.

The special feature of the current extension of the photo and video module is automatically created file additional information (so-called tags). This enables AI-supported searching and filtering, for example by the day of the exposure, the subject or object of the exposure, the floor, but also a link to the findings of the Capex tables.

“We are very proud that for the first time we have succeeded in developing a system for our engineers to conduct a virtual walk-through together with our customers. Photos and videos can then be used to discuss critical findings in detail and subsequently develop investment plans for CAPEX and ESG measures.”

Holger Weber, founder and board member of x.project AG

“Our business volume in TDD is increasing more and more. One of the reasons is our professional, yet unbureaucratic way of being quickly on site and quickly processing projects in perfect quality. In addition, we have experience in a wide range of usage types and local expertise in most European countries. With the possibility for virtual tours, our customers now save additional time and money for on-site travel, not only for TDDs. This will also give a further boost to our Monitoring, TAM and ESG business areas, where walk-throughs also play a central role.”

Jens Dehnbostel, COO of x.project AG

Virtual walk-throughs are part of the new cloud-based platform DOREE+ for technical services around real estate. The name stands for Digital Optimization for Real Estate Experts. At the core of the platform are functional links with partially and fully automated work processes covering all aspects of real estate technology. For this purpose, x.project has developed its own programs and is also oriented towards the latest research in the field of artificial intelligence.